Site update

We decided to delete forum and make discord, as an official forum.
Season 4 - 6 updated in "Season Overview".

YouTube Channel official started! Link below:

 FairyTail Youtube Channel

If You get any video with fight team or yourself, please send to XatronGod or NikolasTesla on e-mail.
Please tell us about your opinion!

Clan list - update soon!

Greetings Visitors!

We are happy to welcome every each one of you on our website. We hope that you will join our community and have fun and gain more succes playthrough for your own account and clan as well. We encourage you to check "Scroll of Rules" section and others organisation clues avaible on this site. Information that confirm familiarization with "Scroll of rules" would be posted by each member in special subject on forum.

Have fun !

For a Friends, for a Glory !

!!! Attention !!!

We are aware of big changes and updates, so we encourage you to use our discord chanell and forum. All remaining questions, bug reports or suggestions please describe on forum (subject: Bugs and Suggestions).